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= Brand Planning Premium Domain Names =

News of Domains

Here we select some domain names from internet, they were sold recently with a good price (maybe not), we choose them because they are good domains, they brought images, speak for themselves.

We won't introduct every expensive domains from history of markets, because every short or simple domains always costs very much, we select only from our favor, you can just guess it the reason why we choose it.

This page will be updated not regularly, correctness is not guaranteed.

All information selected from internet, please go to DNJournal.com check more information.


Packet.com $350,000 (sold on LegalBrandMarketing)

Lofis.com €55,000 (sold on Sedo)

Arbeit.com €19,500 (sold on Sedo)

Spielwaren.com €13,500 (sold on Sedo)

BettyBingo.com $15,000 (tie sold on DomainMarket)

eResearch.com $15,000 (tie sold on Sedo)

LaCasaDeLasFlores.com $12,500 DomainMarket

SocialBetting.com €9,000 (sold on Sedo)

SpotScan.com $9,000 (sold on Sedo)

BackupAll.com $7,000 (tie sold on Sedo)

Bipartisan.com $7,000 (tie sold on Sedo)

Telepay.com $6,900 (sold on Sedo)

Rabona.com €6,000 (tie sold on Sedo)

Files.com $750,000 (sold on Sedo/Name Ninja)

Plants.com $450,000 (sold on Sedo)

Bittop.com $15,000 (tie sold on Sedo)

LocalFlorist.com $12,500 (sold on DNAdvisor)

IVFDoctor.com $12,000 (sold on IndusDomains)

Rinka.com $10,000 (sold on Sedo)

Kitcom.com $9,500 (sold on Sedo)

Jetout.com $6,500 (sold on Sedo)

BeeSchool.com $6,000 (tie sold on Sedo)

MasterSun.com $6,000 (tie sold on Sedo)


Kritik.com $38,000 (sold by Private Sale)

eKing.com $28,000 (sold on Sedo)

FruitWraps.com $27,300 (sold on Sedo)

Manal.com $26,684 (sold on Sedo)

JobList.com $20,000 (tie sold on Sedo)

Verway.com €15,000 (sold on Sedo)

Soundbites.com $15,108 (sold on NameJet)

CloudEstate.com $15,000 (sold on Sedo)

Kanso.com $12,000 (sold on Sedo)

Kush.com $500,000 (sold on Sedo)

Virus.com $142,000 (sold by Private Sale)

Aphelion.com $45,000 (sold on Lumis)

Entertainment360.com $25,000 (sold on Sedo)

USME.com $20,000 (sold on Lumis)

Databased.com $12,000 (sold on Sedo)

ScheduleMaker.com $11,995 (sold on Sedo)

Nedstar.com $11,500 (sold on Sedo)

Flagged.com $11,000 (tie sold on Sedo)

ThriveLabs.com $11,000 (tie sold on VinodR.in/Sedo)

OhMyHome.com $10,000 (sold on Sedo)

Wugen.com $9,999 (sold on Sedo)

Goteo.com €6,800 (sold on Sedo)

Avoid.com $117,500 (sold on Nametra)

PickPack.com $59,000 (sold on Sedo)

Payen.com €25,000 (sold on Sedo)

Esenses.com $27,999 (sold on Sedo)

HighTea.com $24,500 (sold on Sedo)

Xvifeos.com $15,000 (sold on Sedo)

HotelesEnventa.com €10,000 (sold on Sedo)

HumanCo.com $10,500 (sold on Sedo)

FirstMall.com $10,000 (tie sold on Sedo)

Updraft.com $10,000 (tie sold on Sedo)

Xvidwos.com $9,800 (sold on Sedo)

WildCraft.com $80,000 (sold on Lumis)

VCasino.com $46,000 (sold on Sedo)

TexasDWILawyer.com $35,000 (sold on LegalBrandMarketing)

Beboon.com $15,000 (tie sold on Sedo)

Trumped.com $15,000 (tie sold on LegalBrandMarketing)

USOnlineCasino.com $15,000 (tie sold on Sedo)

Kolaygelsin.com $12,000 (sold by Private Sale)

MyETHWallet.com €8,500 (sold on Sedo)

SquarePizza.com $7,500 (tie sold on Sedo)

Salters.com $7,000 (tie sold on Sedo)


User.com $150,000 (sold on Sedo)

Kiaro.com $15,000 (sold on Sedo)

SmileBack.com $12,500 (sold on Sedo)

EasyPayments.com $12,000 (sold on Sedo)

MyHead.com €10,000 (sold on Sedo)

Bonavida.com €8,000 (sold on Sedo)

eSportsGuide.com €7,000 (sold on Sedo)

Semna.com €5,000 (tie sold on Sedo)

Mployer.com $5,000 (tie sold on DNProperty)

TapTax.com $5,000 (tie sold on Sedo)

Deposit.com $170,100 (sold on Sharjil Saleem)

Fingerpaint.com $75,000 (sold on Sedo)

3200.com $55,000 (sold on Chirag Chavda)

CasinoNYC.com $27,300 (sold on Sedo)

Hexacom.com $19,500 (sold on Sedo)

Vaulted.com $17,000 (sold on Sedo)

BetFlorida.com $14,995 (sold on Sedo)

Pixelle.com €10,000 (sold on Sedo)

BitHand.com $9,999 (sold on Sedo)

BioSig.com $9,000 (tie sold on Lumis)

CurryInAHurry.com $9,000 (tie sold on Sedo)

Ndental.com $9,000 (tie sold on Sedo)

Integrous.com $8,700 (sold on Sedo)

NordMail.com $8,000 (tie sold on Sedo)

Jobster.com $200,000 (sold on Sedo)

Bobet.com $58,000 (tie sold on Sedo)

BitcoinSV.com $50,000 (sold on Sedo)

DuoLab.com €33,000 (sold on Sedo)

OakHill.com $22,000 (tie sold on Lumis)

Kapten.com $19,888 (sold on Sedo DomainMarket)

Biotica.com $13,000 (sold on Sedo)

Bargaining.com $12,495 (sold on Sedo)

BrianKemp.com $11,500 (sold on Sedo)


DollarCity.com $90,000 (sold on DomainMarket)

Looka.com £50,000 (sold on Sedo)

Hainei.com $22,501 (sold on NameJet)

Idwell.com $20,000 (sold on Sedo)

CashBank.com $15,000 (tie sold on Sedo)

GiveGift.com $15,000 (tie sold on Sedo)

ArticleBook.com £10,000 (sold on Sedo)

Intan.com €10,500 (sold on Sedo)

FlowX.com $12,000 (tie sold on Sedo)

WATO.com $12,000 (tie sold on Sedo)

Informativos.com €8,900 (sold on Sedo)

BitWhale.com €7,500 (sold on Sedo)

Mappa.com $127,400 (sold on Sedo)

Fasting.com $50,000 (sold on Sedo)

Sudden.com $24,950 (tie sold on Sedo)

Mastermind.com $275,000 (sold on eNaming)

Truskin.com $19,500 (sold on Sedo)

Bitsea.com $16,000 (sold on Sedo)

HubSpace.com €10,000 (sold on Sedo)

VIPWomen.com €9,990 (sold on Sedo)

Duyan.com $10,000 (tie sold on Sedo)

Hybrid.com $190,000 (sold on NameExperts)

Radian.com $125,000 (tie sold on NameExperts)

Shakti.com $50,000 (sold on Sedo)

EveryTeam.com $35,000 (Private Sale /Domains.escrow)

CommercialPainting.com $30,000 (sold on Afternic)

CloudBasket.com €15,890 (sold on Sedo)

Dextra.com $12,862 (sold on Sedo)


Christian.com $600,000 (sold on Sedo)

Sportsmans.com $235,000 (sold on BestWeb.com)

VideoEditor.com $49,000 (sold on Sedo)

Primon.com $24,700 (sold on Sedo)

KruegerGroup.com $20,000 (sold on Sedo)

Inspiral.com €14,999 (tie sold on Sedo)

LineDance.com $11,500 (sold on Sedo)

Munite.com €9,900 (sold on Sedo)

RedMarlin.com $8,195 (sold on BrandBucket)

Cinamedia.com $8,000 (sold on Sedo)

IconBank.com €7,000 (sold on Sedo)

Caliva.com $15,000 (tie sold on Sedo)

OpenWeb.com $15,000 (tie sold on Sedo)

eCarShop.com $11,000 (sold on Sedo)

MindStrong.com $10,700 (sold on Brain Kelly/Efty)

CallTracking.com $120,000 (Private Sale)

TajMahal.com $29,999 (sold on NameJet)

Haide.com $18,000 (sold on Sedo)

SolCasino.com $15,000 (sold on Sedo)

PanAfrica.com $10,000 (tie sold on Sedo)

NewDeal.com $8,000 (sold on NameJet)

StoryWell.com $7,500 (sold on Sedo)

InterWood.com $7,250 (sold on NameKart)

Plataforma.com $7,204 (sold on NameJet)


Soulmate.com $160,000 (sold on Flippa)

Lawnmowers.com $28,100 (sold on Flippa)

FountainPens.com $26,600 (sold on Flippa)

Discrimination.com $23,000 (sold on Flippa)

IvyPay.com $22,000 (sold on Sedo)

LocalHero.com €16,000 (sold on Sedo)

Awakened.com $15,000 (sold on Flippa)

VideoSpace.com $12,000 (sold on Sedo)

RazerPay.com $9,449 (sold on Sedo)

WormHoles.com $32,500 (sold on Sedo)

HighLife.com $18,000 (sold on Sedo)

Vitamines.com €8,888 (sold on Sedo)

DubaiSquare.com $8,999 (sold on Sedo)

IndustrialAthlete.com $10,000 (tie sold on Sedo)

TWCapital.com $10,000 (tie sold on Sedo)

GTogether.com €5,187 (sold on Sedo)

Dreame.com €5,000 (tie sold on Sedo)

AskSean.com $5,777 (sold on Sedo)

PhoneCovers.com $5,600 (sold on Sedo)

SexEducation.com $18,900 (sold on NameJet)

LoanStar.com $7,856 (sold on NameJet)

HireYourself.com $7,500 (sold on Sedo)


FireHose.com $35,000 (sold on Sedo)

SongExchange.com $25,000 (sold on Sedo)

LivingOnLight.com $15,000 (tie sold on DomainMarket)

Probit.com $18,900 (tie sold on Sedo)

TripDoctor.com $8,028 (sold on Sedo)

GamingAI.com $7,000 (sold on Sedo)

SportLine.com $50,000 (tie sold on Sedo)

USCoin.com $34,888 (sold on Sedo)

SecureChain.com $30,000 (tie sold on Sedo)

DebtAdvisor.com $14,000 (sold on Sedo)

BlockSize.com $28,600 (sold on Sedo)

CandyPay.com $20,000 (sold on Sedo)

RainCloud.com $11,102 (sold on NameJet)

WellSky.com $8,800 (sold on Sedo)

HomePick.com $8,000 (tie sold on Sedo)

Yes, the domain you checked is for sale.

Please require the price with mail webmaster@woorry.com , it is more security communicate with mail, and brings more confidence to the deal, we can adjust procedures to fit your need, you can use any language talking to us, please feel free to contact us for more information.

Trading by Escrow.com is preferred.

Accept PayPal.com (support credit card) for the payment.

Provide payment plan for 12 months (or more).

Also accept trading by Sedo.com or Flippa.com or NameSilo.com.

$1.00 USD discount coupon code 'BEN'.

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