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How to Buy a Name?

You can check the owner's information at whois service provided by the registrar of the domain, for example, most of our domains are registered at NameSilo.com, you can check at https://www.namesilo.com/whois.php if the domain not secured by privacy settings, please notice that always check the owner's information at the registrar of the domain, because there are some whois service other than registrars using cached data, it may cause incorrect information appeared.

If you wanna buy a domain from the owner, the most important issues are fund payment and domain transfer, the cheapest and fastest way is to trust the seller, remit the fund, then wait for the domain transferred (or pushed) to you, but not every seller is trustworthy.

Buyers wish get the domain before the fund paid to the seller, sellers won't transfer the domain before they got the payment, so there are many companies in charge to collect the fund and (or) transfer the domain, they help transfer the domain to the buyer if they got the fund from buyer, and remit the fund to the seller if they are sure of that the buyer got the name, of course they collect fees to do these works, and it the amount could be huge sometimes.

We can understand that you are worry about everything for the deal, we are not hiding anything from domain whois system, and we will provide informations about us to earn your trust also, but you can still make your suggestions to choose dealers or agents to complete our deal.

How much?

First of all, you can make your offer to us, or just ask us the price for the domain name.

Everything about our customers would be secured, we won't use your mail do anything bad, please feel free to contact us.

If you can afford it, please don't hesitate to get your favorite domain name into your account, it is only one, and it may not for sale for always, and the price may be raised out of your control in the future.

How to pay?

Option 1 : Remit We will provide our bank account for you if you choose remit the fund directly, the bank account will be exactly the same with the domain owner, so there is no way the fund goes to other person who does not own the name, you can check the information at Whois system (https://www.namesilo.com/whois.php), check it if they are the same with the bank account information, our bank is the biggest one in Taiwan, and it has JPMorgan Chase, CitiBank, Wells Fargo Bank in New York as correspondent banks also, the fund will be received in one working day usually.

Option 2 : PayPal We will provide our PayPal account for you if you choose pay the fund with it, the PayPal account will be exactly the same with the domain owner, the PayPal support credit card for the payment, the fund will be received in a few hours usually.

Option 3 : Escrow We will send a ticket from Escrow to you if you choose it (buyer pays fees), the Escrow account will be exactly the same with the domain owner, the Escrow will needs you remit the fund to its account, they will inform us transfer the name if they received the fund.

Please notice that the Escrow may ask you provide government documents prove your identity to prevent against money laundering laws.

Option 4 : Others We can consider your suggestion accept other payment system.

Option 5 : Plan We can consider your request provide payment plan.

We have sold many domains before, no matter how our customers complete their deals, we have never received any complaint, we always making our best to consider for you.

How to get the name?

Whenever the domain name appears in your account you created at your registrar, you can say it the domain is yours if you can control everything include changing the owner information of the domain, so please make sure the account created by yourself, and keep the passwords in secret.

We will push or transfer the domain into your account whenever the fund received.

Option 1 : Push We will push the domain into your account at NameSilo.com, it needs you create an account on it, the domain will appears in your account at NameSilo.com immediately, we will complete push the domain even holidays, you can transfer the name to other registrar by yourself as you wish.

Option 2 : Transfer We will transfer the domain into your account other than NameSilo.com which the registrar you preferred, the domain will appears in your account for about 7 days later, it takes time for so long because the name has to communicate with registrars to complete the transfer procedures.

We suggest select push your domain name directly, though it needs you create an account at NameSilo, but it is the fastest way you can get the name.

We won't take any benefit from NameSilo, and we will lost the right to control the domain name immediatly, most of sellers may not like it, because there has no chance to regret, especially in case they can not sure the fund if arrived.

We are honest to our business, we don't like to keep our customers waiting, 7 days may cause many things happened, we are not willing to do anything bad.

Yes, the domain you checked is for sale.

Please require the price with mail webmaster@woorry.com , it is more security communicate with mail, and brings more confidence to the deal, we can adjust procedures to fit your need, you can use any language talking to us, please feel free to contact us for more information.

Trading by Escrow.com is preferred.

Accept PayPal.com (support credit card) for the payment.

Provide payment plan for 12 months (or more).

Also accept trading by Sedo.com or Flippa.com or NameSilo.com.

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