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Answer Questions

Here are some questions people maybe interested, we hope our answer can help making their choice.

This page will be updated not regularly.

Why your e-mail address (webmaster@woorry.com) different from your site address (ben.com.tw)?

There were considerations in security between, we choose Google mail to be our e-mail service at woorry.com, it provides more safety in our experiences, just like the domain Woorry.com means 'more than worry', we use it sell domains in the past, most of our portfolios are belong to this e-mail address, though it the main address changes to the ben.com.tw, we still using webmaster@woorry.com indicate the ownership of domains.

Dot com dot tw was established by Taiwan government at the very beginning of internet starting age, it shows more confidence to their domains, and the domain privacy is not allowed, just want everybody trust them on internet improve commercial activity in Taiwan, and we have the ben.com.tw shows off our credibility to be trust worthy.

Of course we hope that we can get the ben dot com at last. :)

I don't like you guys, why should I pay more to get my name? It's not fair.

We understand, sometimes we wish that the BEN dot com still exist on market holding at someone like us, even though, we still need a great wealth to afford it, because there are a lot of BEN people or companies exist in our world.

The domain name is not possible to be duplicated, once it was taken, it has gone, but there could still a chance to get the name if the one who takes the name for sale.

It seems not fair, but it is the domain market works for, makes good name goes to the one who can afford it, we just obey the rule participate in it.

I can wait until myname dot com available, I will notice the domain expiry date.

That is an option also, but there is a regression period for the expired domain, and then a restoration period, it means the domain can be released between a very long period, and it may be registered within less than a second whenever it released, and all these things are based on the present domain owner willing to let the domain goes to expired.

There are many people and companies running their programs spy on expiring domains and grab it whenever it can be placed, their technology contains great profit into markets called 'domain name aftermarket', some domains can be sold with a big price at those aftermarkets, it means you must compete with them to get the domain.

So, if your name is a good name, and it was registered, we suggest don't waste your time waiting for it, because there are keeping many eyes on it, you can not imagine that how many people are running with it for the great profit, and it is only an aftermarket, not even close to the real market.

Please don't forget, this is an internet century, and it just begun.

MyName dot net is available, why should I buy your MyName dot com?

Dot net is very good also, but not good enough, just like the silver medal, most of progressive person and company would always chasing for their gold medal, people remember the champion, notice at it, and go to it, that is the point.

Of course you can choose dot net to be your domain name, but there would still a gold medal waiting for you, and it may disappear forever if somebody else take it for not sale.

Dot com brings more benefits than others, if you build your work on it at beginning, means more benefits taken from beginning, as time goes by, there might be a big difference in result.

Can you imagine that the Google with dot net without dot com? Why? Why not?

Seems your English is not very good, can I help you?

Yes please, we need any kind help from everybody, please help us correct our mistakes.

We have many customers from Europe and China, they are not familiar with English, we need to keep the English in simple easy structure, cause the translator can make it works easily.

As I know, the renewal fee is about $10, I can offer you $20 buy the domain.

Thank you for your offer, you can try to find other 2 domains not registered, or please help me buy the Google.com with the same offer.

How many visitors at the domain per month?

The number of visitors can be made easily, there are many companies provide services help domain owners increase the chart to a paper, fake numbers raise the domain price, that is none sense.

No matter how many visitors come to the domain, we suggest please treat it as zero, and we won't consider it the value into the price, because the most valuable visitors are those people interested in your brand, it can be real whenever your business established, not now.

The estimate value is only $80 for the domain, can I buy it for $100?

Those robots estimate the value from the number of visitors, the number of search engine, the number of back links, we don't suggest taking the value buying domains, it may cause you lost the good name with a bad image.

Please trust your heart, make up your mind, don't make robots doing art works.

Are you crazy? 12,000 EUR for only a domain?

Thank you for your concern, we understand, the price still not changed, and we believe in that the price is underestimated, though it looks like a huge amount of money, but 12,000 EUR is not capable to make many things in business, if the business scale is not enough to afford it, we suggest taking other domain which is not taken yet, just like us, we can not afford buying the BEN dot com, but we can take the BestEntitledName.com as well, though it is not a very good domain.

We know that you registered the dot net recently, we should thank you for that, it cause the dot com more valuable, but we did not raise the price still.

We suggest don't register the dot net before got the dot com.

I am considering get the my-name dot com, do you agree with it?

We have no right to restrict anybody get any domains not registered, but we suggest get the myname dot com instead of it, people don't like the dash mark, and they won't remember it always, your friends will go to myname dot com all the time, that is why every domain with dash mark worth less.

The dot net has registered, does it matters?

Yes, there might be some people go to your dot com in mistake of dot net, but your friends won't go wrong with your dot com, if you are the owner of dot net, we suggest try to get the dot com as well, better invest effort into dot com instead of dot net.

You don't have to get everything with your name, dot com is enough.

Yes, the domain you checked is for sale.

Please require the price with mail webmaster@woorry.com , it is more security communicate with mail, and brings more confidence to the deal, we can adjust procedures to fit your need, you can use any language talking to us, please feel free to contact us for more information.

Trading by Escrow.com is preferred.

Accept PayPal.com (support credit card) for the payment.

Provide payment plan for 12 months (or more).

Also accept trading by Sedo.com or Flippa.com or NameSilo.com.

$1.00 USD discount coupon code 'BEN'.

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