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Since 1997, BEN established working on computer industry in Taiwan, assists customers in the management of their digital properties, we arrange software matches with hardware making progress to our customers, then we start arrange network settings because internet century comes, we made programs for servers, designed pages for web sites, but we forgot an important thing, domain name.

We build the whole site for our customers, but it the domain name is not chosen by us for always, and nobody took it for serious, because there was a lot domains not registered in the past, we were not mentioned to notice it, and there always no option for us to mention it.

Until the day, a man made an offer for us, he wishes to buy a domain for his company for $1,000 USD, let us contact the domain owner making the deal, but we didn't made it, because the owner offered the price for $20,000 dollars, since then, we started our research how a domain affect to a web site, compare it between cases, then we offered our experiences to suggest our customers.

We didn't took the advantage at the domain industry, did not bought huge amount of domains in the past, but we still got experiences from ages and cases, knowing that the name is one of the most important thing to a business, and knowing that what kind of name can be a good name.

The man paid $19,900 for his domain at last, we were surprised with it, but we all know that it is so worthy today, and also got a lesson from it.

The domain works for the man so many years, brings benefits to him, and he can still sell it for a good deal as he wishes today, it means that those workings from the name are all for free, but not every domain can be sold easily, we suggest people treat the domain to an employee, and you can only hire one, so that the better one you hired, means the more benefits you gained, just don't let it go.

We have sold many domains before, most of them are not able to be gained again unless you got the whole company, your domain name is the only one, unique, not replaceable, it causes many things happened or not happened, it is a beginning for a business or a relationship.

We can understand people not willing to pay anything to get a domain, but people may not able to imagine that how hard to get a good domain today, unfortunately, those cheap-price-for-a-good-domain-days is not going back.

The internet changes our world, and it makes more changes still, this is now, and this is future, so lets grab it before too late.

Yes, the domain you checked is for sale.

Please require the price with mail webmaster@woorry.com , it is more security communicate with mail, and brings more confidence to the deal, we can adjust procedures to fit your need, you can use any language talking to us, please feel free to contact us for more information.

Trading by Escrow.com is preferred.

Accept PayPal.com (support credit card) for the payment.

Provide payment plan for 12 months (or more).

Also accept trading by Sedo.com or Flippa.com or NameSilo.com.

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