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What can I do with a domain without site?

Get your domain name, make it forward to your page (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Linkedin), print it the domain on your card, and that is it! You have an address on internet represent from you.

You can change the domain forwarding as you wish, and people can reach you by the domain still, that is cool!

Where is my e-mail with my domain going?

Whenever you get your domain, you can get e-mail service form it.

For example, if you have, you can make forward to Gmail, Outlook or iCloud, and also make forward to their own address, just create it as many as you wish.

Please notice that domain or e-mail forward service is provided from domain registrars, it may not for free, we suggest the to be your domain registrar, it provides forwarding for free.

Why dot com?

Dot com is always the first choice for people and businesses, it can be ignored, not need remember the type of your domain to reach your page, but domains with dot com remain few, and gonna be rare in the future, so it a good domain would cost much, and it can be an asset to a credit in this age.

How much is a domain worth?

It may worth nothing or millions of dollars for a single domain name, depends on the quality of the name.

A name would cost a fortune if it is short and catchy with meaning, because the name is about to promote for a business, the more easy it can be remembered, means the less advertisements needed, that's why we choose dot com always.

The most common price of deals is around $2,000 US dollars in the past, but it goes up always, because there are more and more people know that the importance of a domain.

What kind of name can be a premium domain?

There are many domain names in the world, which one is the best?

If you find out a name with an easy good meaning, short, catchy, memorable, that is it.

What kind of name can be a premium domain? The name explains itself, and you know it well, that it is.

When should I register a domain name?

This is an internet century, though it a domain is not visible, but it is unique, not replaceable, and it can be a great help to get relationship and fortune.

Not many people have their own domain, and people would realize that how they need a name on internet in the future, as the growth of China and India, if your name dot com is available, just don't hesitate to get it, and never drop it.

Domain name is a road to you, earlier it constructed, cause more people vistit it, and more success you get from it.

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